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2019 Feast Cruise Decision

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2019 Feast Cruise Decision

We were asked to poll our brethren about an interest in a cruise ship Feast of Tabernacles in the Caribbean.  A survey was distributed on May 30 to determine the interest in keeping such a Feast.

While there are many who expressed interest we have decided not to have a cruise ship as a Feast site.  A number of factors have led to the decision. We already have many Feast sites serving our scattered brethren around the world in their countries. Manpower availability is critical for the more than 50 sites, some of whom have a very limited number of speakers and staff. 

A cruise that does not serve brethren in a particular geographical location will draw off more manpower.

As we plan our Festival venues we need to consider the purpose and staffing of our Festival program.  

Thanks to those who responded to the survey.

Victor Kubik