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2019 Feast of Tabernacles: Acacia Bay, New Zealand

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2019 Feast of Tabernacles

Acacia Bay, New Zealand

The second-largest freshwater lake in the Southern Hemisphere—complete with snow-capped mountains—provided a millennial setting. The spiritual diet was excellent, with an emphasis on our future role as teachers helping save the world under Jesus Christ. Some of the challenges presented were:

• Those who “sit in Moses’ seat” need to ensure they love and care for Christ’s sheep—to edify, exhort, encourage and enable them on their journey to the Kingdom.
• When we consider God’s glory, how almighty is the Almighty?
• Having a family of godly children brings Him great joy and is the return He is looking for, after He paid such a high price for us.
• Are we willing to take action for the benefit of our brother—to love them—so that they can have eternal life?

It is difficult to identify all the significant moments that make a Feast such an experience. There was a spattering of organized activities that were well attended and contributed to the great atmosphere that was experienced by all at the Feast. There were also two “Open Homes” where food and fellowship were enjoyed by many of the 100 or so attendees.

We were also blessed with the talent and gifts of various U.S., Filipino, Canadian and Australian visitors—along with indigenous members.

Each Feast experience stands on its own merits and comparing it with other Feasts is subjective. But if we are able to experience Lake Taupo again next year as we did this year, we will be most blessed!