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2019 Feast of Tabernacles: Bend-Redmond, Oregon

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2019 Feast of Tabernacles

Bend-Redmond, Oregon

The millennial setting of Bend-Redmond, with its majestic mountain peaks, beautiful fall colors and high desert weather set the stage for the Feast with many brethren taking time during the week to hike the incredible vistas of Smith Rock, Tumalo Falls and the idyllic Deschutes River. Some even took the time to visit Crater Lake State Park and witnessed the stunning scenery of the former Mt. Mazama. The weather held for most of the week despite consistently forecasted rain, and the sunny days and crisp cool nights—along with the beautiful colors of the fall foliage—only added to the festival feel.

We enjoyed wonderful messages that inspired visions of the coming Kingdom of God, of the millennial reign of Jesus Christ and the saints and of the times of restoration to come, when all people will be healed of their spiritual blindness and the Word of God will be poured out on this earth like rain upon a parched and thirsty land. The teen and young adult Bible studies and activities were well attended, and the festival Bible study explored the prophetic signs of a coming one-world government. Our festival choir offered up beautiful and inspiring music to God.

This year’s Family Day saw the members split into intergenerational teams which competed against one another in a series of events that were designed to mix up members of various ages into different groups. It was a wonderful time getting to know our spiritual family and building our relationships with one another with a little friendly competition. Family Day was followed up by a Family Fun Show, where members were able to perform a variety of acts for the brethren. A number of brethren sang, some performed humorous skits; there was even a multi-cultural dance, which was a wonderful reminder of God calling people from all over the world. Throughout the week, the brethren pulled together and donated a substantial sum of money and canned food to the local food bank for our annual outreach project, and in speaking with many as the week went on, it was an uplifting and inspiring Feast of Tabernacles here in central Oregon.