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2019 Feast of Tabernacles: Cunene, Angola

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2019 Feast of Tabernacles

Cunene, Angola

This site was chosen because this region has had a devastating drought for three years. The Angolan Church’s leadership felt that if the Feast was kept here, various brethren from Angola could travel there to assist the local drought-stricken brethren and communities. As such, over 340 members traveled across the country through difficult roads, from as far north as Luanda and Malanje to materially and spiritually support the brethren. The highest attendance during the Feast in Cunene was 473 brethren. Other smaller satellite sites were assembled in various regional areas throughout the country.

Assistance was given to brethren in Angola from Good Works and from the Bakersfield and Las Vegas brethren. This assistance was gratefully appreciated. In turn, the Angolan brethren provided assistance to 124 patients in the community during the Feast in pediatrics, obstetrics and general medicine. Food supplies were also given to various people in the church and nearby community.

During the Feast two deacons were ordained and the blessing of little children was conducted. Eight brethren were baptized. Messages during the Feast included such topics as “How Will the Earth Become a Paradise?” and “How to Enter into the Kingdom of God.” Seminars for the ladies and leaders were also conducted. On the Eighth Day the Provincial Cultural Director (representing the Provincial Governor)  and a representative of the Angolan Baptist church in Cunene attended as guests.

The leadership and brethren of the Church of God in Angola thank all the brethren around the world for their concerns and prayers for their current situation.