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2019 Feast of Tabernacles: Harare, Zimbabwe

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2019 Feast of Tabernacles

Harare, Zimbabwe

Members enjoyed the fresh air, peace and quiet offered by this nature reserve with its lovely scenic views featuring the lake, green rolling hills and a variety of wild life such as rhino, giraffe, a variety of antelope, monkeys and many bird species including the majestic fish eagle and ostrich.

Members were housed in the national park’s thatched roof cottages and cooking was done for the whole group by the ladies. Activities included nature walks and angling (fishing) from which the brethren were able to enjoy a meal of fish and sadza (corn meal). Sermons were given by elders Lewis VanAusdle, Mabasa Chichaya and Mike Mukarati as well as deacons Mike Nyamasoka and Vensen Moyo and UCG Malawi Projects Manager, Nick Lamoureux. Topics covered included the awesome value of God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, good stewardship and many others.

We held a family day during which brethren received clothing gifts from the Johannesburg, South Africa UCG congregation. It was a joy to see the beautiful smiles on the faces of the brethren as they received the donated clothing.

On the whole, this was a wonderful feast characterized by inspiring messages focusing on seeking God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness. There was a positive spirit of joy and brotherly love.