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2019 Feast of Tabernacles: Lusaka, Zambia

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2019 Feast of Tabernacles

Lusaka, Zambia

The shifting from our usual Feast site at Verino was required due to the drought which has caused some rivers and boreholes to run dry. Another problem in Verino was the national power outage, which lasts for up to about 12 hours daily. This makes it very difficult to store fresh foods. The high number of people expected to attend this year also factored into our decision to move the Feast site from Verino.

Congregations from the outlying areas arrived on Sunday, Oct. 13, although some arrived late in the night due to the breakdowns they experienced on the way. Because of this we did not have an Opening Night service.

The Feast at NRDC campus was attended by 270 people, up from 232 people last year. Members came from various congregations, namely Mapoko, Itumbwe, Nalubanda north, Chipata, Kasumpa, Mwembeshi, Namukombo, Stumbeko, Lusaka and Choma, where there is no established congregation.

The Feast went on well with fruitful messages from Pastor Filius Jere of Chipata and other speakers from different congregations. A number of activities for the elderly, youth and children were conducted. We had a senior’s luncheon, youth day, family day and women’s day—all of these activities added value to the Feast. Children were also busy with daily lessons organized by our faithful older youth. During these activities, fruit, drinks and ice cream were served and everyone enjoyed it.

Assisted by Pastor Jere, Coster Mabbati from the Mapoko congregation was ordained as a deacon. We also enjoyed listening to special music every day from all of the congregations. The Choma people were not to be outdone; they also participated in special music and other activities. Generally, the Feast was good and incident free. Water was sufficient and no power cuts interrupted our programs.

Last but not least, on behalf of the congregations and on my own behalf, I would like to thank the home office, LifeNets and the New York City congregation for their spiritual and financial support. We are equally grateful to all the people who contributed in any way for us to have this Feast take place. They made it possible for us to have food, transport, accommodation, etc., and it is our sincere prayer that God blesses them, protects them and grants them wisdom for their assistance.