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2019 Feast of Tabernacles: Panama City Beach, Florida

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2019 Feast of Tabernacles

Panama City Beach, Florida

All speakers gave heartfelt messages that were positive, uplifting and educational; they focused on God’s promised Kingdom of God. The Feast choir, children’s choir, instrumentalists and vocal solos greatly enhanced services each day.

Family activities included an exciting afternoon at Rock-it! Lanes with 268 people in attendance; this was followed by an evening family dance with over 300 brethren. Over 120 teens enjoyed a dance and two hospitality events. Additionally, our young adults shared two refreshing hospitality get togethers and our singles got together on Monday evening with refreshments to plan for future meetings throughout the Feast. Midway through, 173 seniors gathered for a sumptuous buffet lunch at Captain Jack’s.

Three Bible studies included one general study, a young adult study and a teen study. Each one lifted and encouraged the brethren.

President Victor Kubik’s sermon on “Going up to the Mountain” was encouraging; it was successfully transmitted from Panama City Beach throughout the U.S. and beyond by our very capable home office A/V team.

Feast days and nights were pleasantly warm but the evenings turned cool toward the end of the Feast. At one point, a tropical storm was headed directly at us. But after many prayers from our members, it took a right turn and moved rapidly due east, with minimal damage in Florida. The cloudless night skies filled with glistening stars and the emerald green Gulf waters pleasantly lapping on the shore helped remind us of God’s great handiwork and His wonderful world tomorrow.

Panama City Beach is a great site for families. If you desire a memorable family Feast site next year, you might consider Panama City Beach. This natural tropical setting helps to portray a prophetic picture of a future global Garden of Eden (Ezekiel 36:35).