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2019 Feast of Tabernacles: Sakhangyi, Myanmar

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2019 Feast of Tabernacles

Sakhangyi, Myanmar

 They had worked to build it in the weeks leading up to the Feast, and at the Feast they sacrificed so much to ensure that visitors had enough food, comfort and enjoyment, often getting up at the crack of dawn just to prepare the duck curry for lunch.

The brethren loved to sing, and greatly appreciated having other brethren come to spend time with them. Visitors were welcomed with open arms, and encouraged to bring others. The brethren had next to nothing, and yet they gave everything they had for Australian visitors to have a great time, and it was through this that we learned something incredible. We felt that even though we knew nothing of these people prior to meeting them, we became part of their community as joint believers in God’s Way.

This small cluster of brethren encouraged us greatly and gave these two sheltered Australians a lesson on just how spiritually intimate and uplifting the Feast can be. Attending a smaller Feast site with opportunities to serve such as Myanmar brings new meaning to the Feast and anticipation of God’s coming Kingdom of God, and is one of the most blessed and spiritually fulfilling things God has taught us to do.

Aaron Jennings