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2020 Feast of Tabernacles: Angola

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2020 Feast of Tabernacles


Several recorded sermons in Portuguese were sent by Jorge de Campos for the brethren to listen to during the Feast. Local elders and pastors organized the individual satellite sites. 

Despite the many Feast sites in seven regions of Angola, a large number of brethren still could not travel to a site. A number of U.S. brethren, via LifeNets, sent additional financial assistance, which enabled many more in Angola to participate in the Feast. 

The Angolan sites were scattered throughout the country, and because of local restrictions they could only meet in the church halls during the Sabbaths and Sunday. The other days during the Feast they met in open areas of the countryside.

The Luanda province had six satellite sites. Attendance in the areas was as follows: in the Cazenga municipality there were 250 brethren; in Cacuaco, Vidrul, 56 brethren; 120 brethren in Boa Esperança (the location of the Áqua Viva school); 70 brethren in Compão; 90 members in Viana-Mulenvos and 60 brethren in Belo Monte.  

In the province of Huambo, 70 brethren attended the Feast. About 140 brethren camped in the province of Malanje. In the Cunene province, 46 brethren met in the city of Onjiva. There were also 70 brethren gathered in the province of Bié and more than 70 in Quibala, which is in the province of Kwanza Sul. There are a few other dispersed sites that at this time have not reported back due to their remoteness and lack of easy communication. These numbers do not include all of the people who could not travel to any site to keep the Feast.