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2020 Feast of Tabernacles: Branson, Missouri

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2020 Feast of Tabernacles

Branson, Missouri

 First, we were unable to use the venue we have rented for years because the restrictions on social distancing would not allow spaced seating for the numbers we had registered. After determining we would probably not be able to hold the Feast in Branson this year, a call was received offering the use of the Mansion Theatre, which would seat more than 2,000, with plenty of room to seat everyone following the local ordinances regarding the pandemic. This venue also had several separate rooms where we were able to have teen Bible studies, youth classes and office space for department heads.

With about two months to get organized, the blessings continued to be obvious. Our list of needs for volunteers was quickly filled. During the Feast, a man needing assistance getting from his hotel to the theater had many offering to help him.

The theater’s staff were accommodating, complimentary of the brethren and invited us back for next year’s Feast! Services on the first day were attended by 561 excited brethren who chose to be where God placed His name, despite the ongoing conditions affecting us today. Special music by those attending in Branson, whether vocalists or musicians was outstanding this year! The three song leaders did a commendable job warmly welcoming all and leading us in singing praises to our great God.

The local florist we have used for years did a beautiful job decorating a much larger stage. It was almost like she knew this was a much-needed time of celebrating and refreshing for our group. For the Eighth Day, we added white flowers to represent the meaning of this special time.

Inspiring messages included a sermon by Jim Tuck, comparing our spiritual lives to the pioneers settling this nation. Randy Urwiller spoke on the unveiling of truth that God does for those He calls today, and then for the entire world in the Millennium.

Various activities had to be planned taking into consideration the local restrictions. For family day, we had a picnic in a local state park and everyone brought their own meals. We were able to be mask-less for the afternoon in a wonderful outdoor setting. Jamie Justice and crew handed out gift bags with an animal mask theme that included a lot of treats for those 12 and under to enjoy at the picnic.

We cannot overstate how cooperative and consistent brethren were in attendance, in giving generous offerings on the Holy Days and with their donations for the Families Helping Families. 

The gentleman giving the closing prayer of the Festival said it best, “God, you did it! Your Feast was a blessing to all of us!”