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2020 Feast of Tabernacles: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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2020 Feast of Tabernacles

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

. We enjoyed the blessing of nearly perfect weather while meeting under a large outdoor tent surrounded by the beauty of Amish farmlands. The swaying of the cornstalks and the occasional horse and buggy driving through town added to the calm ambiance of this delightful setting. While we had a few challenges balancing live services under the tent and those indoors watching the webcast in separate smaller rooms, we were blessed to be able to keep God’s Feast safely and in peace together!

Activity highlights included a stage production of Queen Esther by the Sight and Sound Theater, a socially distanced line dance and family day at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm. A group of young adults enjoyed a renaissance fair early in the week, and a group of singles explored some local stalactite/stalagmite caverns near the end of the week. The teen activity and the senior luncheon were held outdoors at a local park where brethren also gathered to enjoy a game of kickball. As we approached the seventh day of the Feast, the state limits on indoor meetings changed just in time to allow us to hold the Friday night Bible study in person instead of by webcast-only as was originally planned. We headed home overjoyed by the uplifting live special music each day, fulfilling messages focusing on the coming peace of God’s Kingdom, and the rich fellowship of our brethren.