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2020 Feast of Tabernacles: Mapoko, Zambia

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2020 Feast of Tabernacles

Mapoko, Zambia

Derrik and Cherry Pringle visited Mapoko for the first two days of the Feast. I [Derrick] felt that I should go to give them support and encouragement as they are virtually on their own. Mapoko is about 15 miles (24km) past Mumbwa on the tar road, then 4 miles (7km) on the most awful dirt road that you can imagine. It was worth the effort and the people were so pleased to see us. Their living conditions are rough: no water on tap, no refrigerators or freezers for perishables, no fans or air conditioning, no flush toilets, cooking done on open fires and although they are housed in tents it is very dusty due to an extended dry season. There were 98 in attendance, and some built grass shelters in addition to the 16 tents that had been brought from Verino. 

But despite that, we soon felt joyful and spiritually enhanced. The exceptional singing and special music did not lack volume or harmony. I was amazed at the talent and expertise of the song leader, Owen Kasakabantu. He had a strong voice and kept perfectly in tune despite no musical accompaniment. On the first day I gave the morning and afternoon sermons. Both messages emphasized putting past events behind them and reaching for a high spiritual level to qualify for the Kingdom of God. We also watched the welcome Feast video and Feast music which they greatly appreciated. I had taken a generator for that purpose. The offering was generous despite the low income of many attendees. On the second day they viewed Mr. Kubik’s Feast sermon video about the Kingdom of God. I also did the blessing of the six children who were there. That afternoon I had a meeting with the men and my wife Cherry met with the women.

Derrick Pringle