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2020 Feast of Tabernacles: Oceanside, California

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2020 Feast of Tabernacles

Oceanside, California

We normally accommodate 500-600 attendees. This year we could accommodate 75 people at our normal location in the QLN facility, and had an estimated 188 people on the Zoom line for a total estimated audience of 263 people. We had two services on the two High Days, plus an afternoon class given by Darris McNeely on discipleship principles from the book of Daniel. We also had an interactive Bible study by Jon Garnant on how to concisely share our belief system when asked. Three other Zoom services were offered for all in addition to the studies. 

During the week folks loved strolling in the open fresh air of the beaches. We gathered on the eve of the Eighth Day to enjoy a pier walk together and watch the sun go down as the eighth day of the Feast arrived on the horizon. The biggest lesson in this unique year was that it’s not the size of the audience that matters as much as the spiritual understanding granted us as we who have God’s name placed on us worshiped our Heavenly Father and His Son in “spirit and in truth” this year, both in person and over Zoom.