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2020 Feast of Tabernacles: Rapid City, South Dakota

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2020 Feast of Tabernacles

Rapid City, South Dakota

Plans were quickly made to accommodate a much larger crowd. Those plans became more complicated when a new meeting place had to be found less than three weeks before the Feast! But everything came together and 325 brethren sat down to begin observing the Feast on the opening evening. Thereafter, daily attendance averaged 413 over the next eight days. The opening message encouraged everyone to seek rest and rejuvenation from the stress of the unusual year they had experienced. Looking after each other and encouraging one another was also emphasized. God’s people rose to the occasion. Men were assigned to lead songs and deliver sermonettes, sermons and Bible studies, but time did not allow extra activities to be planned ahead of time. 

Many people organized picnics, hikes and a car-pool trip to Mt. Rushmore. The family day activity at Reptile Gardens was a big success. A dance was even organized for teens and young adults. Evening fellowship was available in the hall for those who simply wanted to enjoy quiet time together. Others enjoyed private drives out into the beautiful Black Hills. All of the outdoor activities were enhanced by some of the most beautiful weather Rapid City has ever had in October. 

Beautiful special music was presented each day by soloists and small family groups. The virtual choir presentations recorded by the home office team were also much appreciated. And most important of all was the continuing education provided by the speakers. The messages and Bible studies were especially encouraging to help everyone focus on and prepare for the Kingdom of God.

Generous donations were made for the “Families Helping Families” program. The offerings taken on the High Days were also generous, showing great thankfulness to God and support for His work. 

As the Feast drew to a close, many comments were made expressing thanks to those who worked so hard to make the Feast successful with last minute planning. Above all else, greatest thanks were expressed to God our Father and Jesus Christ for giving us so much favor in a tumultuous year. A final thank you must be given to all who showed great respect and love by staying away from services if they sensed any sign of illness. This helped others stay healthy.