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2020 Feast of Tabernacles: Sabaudia, Italy

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2020 Feast of Tabernacles

Sabaudia, Italy

This grand accommodation brought the Feast directly to the beachfront where brethren were blessed with the Mediterranean Sea as their neighbor and a united fellowship with one another.

Despite the current climate of confusion we’ve witnessed around the world in 2020, the Feast in Italy felt completely untouched and provided all 90 members a truly joyous release from this; quite unlike ever before, it seemed to perfectly depict the true splendor of God’s Kingdom to come. 

The first day nurtured a loving harmony between our Italian hosts and visiting Feastgoers through the welcome of great warmth we received. An inspiring spirit of family love was demonstrated by the Italian brethren, through the sermons given and fellowship afterwards. We were presented with powerful messages on this day, focusing on the true meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles and on setting our vision firmly ahead—our path aligned with Christ. This set the tone in understanding the importance of actively striving to demonstrate, individually and as a body, the light of Jesus in a world encompassed by darkness.

In conclusion to the first Holy Day, we shared a generous meal together in the dining area overlooking the ocean and setting sun. With four courses at both lunch and dinner, we can certainly say our hosts at the hotel took great care of us all. 

Although the planned excursions were unable to take place this year, many members instead got together and organized small trips, beach activities and nights spent teaching each other card games, which became interactive and inclusive forms of fellowship, strengthening our relationships with one another.

We also held a talent show and dance evening, which were full to the brim with rejoicing. We were all able to participate and delight in the array of music, dance routines and variety of talents displayed on these nights. 

One of the highlights of the Feast was the collective marriage ceremony of three couples which the whole church was invited to be a part of! It was such a refreshing and jubilant experience for all who attended; an event most have never observed at the Feast before. In addition to this celebration, we welcomed 10 new members into the Church through baptisms, which was uplifting for all brethren in Italy.

The Eighth Day/Last Great Day ignited a spirit of true unity amongst members as we were reminded in the messages of our important purpose which the Lord has set out for us; to prepare ourselves for the coming of His Kingdom to earth and the eventual fulfillment of our duties in the family of God. We look forward to returning to Italy to celebrate God’s Feast again.