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2020 Feast of Tabernacles: St. George, Utah

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2020 Feast of Tabernacles

St. George, Utah

An overwhelming number of members requested we return to this location, demonstrating how popular and enjoyable this site was. Zion National Park and four nearby state parks provided ample opportunity to appreciate God’s creation. 

The teens took advantage of Snow Canyon Park with more than 100 hiking it after a pizza lunch. Young adults gathered in a city park for outdoor games, food and fellowship. The entire convention center was available to us, allowing ample room for social distancing. Most attendees stayed in homes and condos with kitchen units while some stayed at nearby hotels. Many hosted drop-ins with so many having kitchens.

All messages were both Millennium- and God-oriented, and relevant to all ages. The volunteers contributed with exceptional service to make the logistics all work out for a site that was only finalized about month beforehand. The sound crew overcame challenges so this site could webcast daily services to about a thousand more people. Many commented on their preference for the larger site and running into friends they hadn’t seen in years.