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2020 Feast of Tabernacles: Sunshine Coast, Australia

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2020 Feast of Tabernacles

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, borders from other states in Australia were closed. We had 265 people registered from Queensland but many who were older or who had health issues decided not to attend in person. Our high attendance during the Feast was 238. Safe distancing and signing in were followed according to the Health Department’s regulations. Our brethren were willingly compliant with all the rules we had to follow, and we had no issues with the hall management; in fact, we had plenty of compliments because of our orderly compliance. They were happy to have us this year under the circumstances and want us to return. This was our 14th year at this popular holiday location.

The messages were on target, speaking about God’s great plan and the part the firstfruits will have in the Millennium. We produced a webcast for the Australian Feast sites that were locked down and also for those who had to view our service from home or from their accommodation. However, we also reached members and associates from India, the U.S., Canada, England, Hong Kong, Vanuatu and Italy. We received notes from many areas expressing gratitude for webcasting in a way that allowed them to participate in a live service.

The consensus is that this Feast was the most inspiring we have experienced regardless of the restrictions imposed on us. Even though there were no structured activities, attendees found ways to fellowship.

We finished up with a pizza evening after the last service. One of our members paid for an order of pizza that served more than half of our Feast attendance at a local park. It was a great impromptu fellowship gathering with few restrictions outdoors.

The organization for seating proved to be a favorable development. Those attending liked the idea of assigned seating for themselves or their families.

We also received a Health Department notice that similar restrictions could continue for the next two years.