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2020 Feast of Tabernacles: Winneba, Ghana

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2020 Feast of Tabernacles

Winneba, Ghana

This town has a rich musical tradition anchored in the various nationally renowned choral groups who reside there.

The COVID-19 pandemic implications meant that all six Ghana congregations could not gather in one location for the Feast, so the Winneba site was essentially an Accra/Winneba assembly, with the outlying Agona and Kwanyako congregations in the south traveling by road to join in on the Holy Days for a Feast high attendance of 192 joyful brethren. The further north congregations in Kumasi and Yeji constituted a separate Feast site with a collective average attendance of 40 brethren.

While the daily messages inspired great hope for a healing future beyond today’s news of despair, they also fed into uplifting fellowship. Edifying special music presentations and the overall energetic song service played their part in enriching the Feast worship experience. 

The blessing of a spacious open-air meeting hall allowed for ample socially distanced seating and better ventilation. Activities such as football and a beach visit were thrown in for good measure.

Notwithstanding a rainstorm at the tail-end of the Feast that, unfortunately, caused wide-spread floods elsewhere, we enjoyed beautiful sunny weather; the cool Atlantic breeze added to the tranquil ambience. 

It was truly a refreshing and wonderful blessing, despite the challenging times, to be able to keep the Feast of Tabernacles where God placed His name.

Betty Meselebe