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2021 Camp Report: Nigeria

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2021 Camp Report


Our camp, which was held Aug. 15-22, had a total of 30 campers and 16 staff—and four dogs! 

Our campsite is simply a beach where some oil companies have built an open structure for relaxation in the sunny periods of the summer months, with no facility save four toilets. Camp involves hauling all our food, cooking gear, water, sleeping bags, tents, electricity generating sets, bulbs and all we need to make the camp a convenient and successful one. Campers from five states arrived on Friday and enjoyed a Sabbath with the Lagos congregation. On Sunday, we all left for the campsite. We set up for a few hours before having our first meal and camp orientation. Campers were organized into Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Teams with a counselor and assistant counselor for each team.   

The theme of camp was “Be Anchored to God” and this theme and its daily subthemes were woven through all the activities as campers participated and had a great time. Activities at the camp included archery, kickball, volleyball, rope bridge, team challenge, crafts, dance class, swimming, American Sign Language and chess. Movie and bonfire nights were special times woven into the camp activities.  

On the Sabbath, as is our tradition, some members of the Lagos congregation came to keep the Sabbath with us. It was a beautiful day surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation, with the crashing waves of the sea, the gentle swells of the river, sandy beaches and palm trees as the decor.   

Sabbath evening was banquet night, Bible bowl, various talent shows, skits/drama presentations by each team as well as the giving of certificates of participation and awards for attitudes and behaviors that best exemplify what camp is all about.  

We thank our Heavenly Father for a successful camp, which was accident- and sickness-free. There were some tears and warm hugs as we broke camp on Aug. 22 and prepared to depart. The friendship, unity and love experienced make it hard to leave each year as campers and staff depart, already missing the experience yet eager to get back to civilization.