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2021 Camp Report: Woodland

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2021 Camp Report


Some of the highlights we were thankful for this year included: 

• Courageous campers willing to share their personal challenges with one another and to express their gratitude for the support and encouragement they’ve received at camp.   

• A wonderful team of dedicated dorm counselors who connected with and encouraged their campers in a meaningful way every day. It’s the most intense job at camp, but also the most rewarding.   

• Amazing campfire time every night led by a different team of young adult staff members. Many had a very interactive theme and led to some wonderful moments. Our young adults have so much to offer and we are thankful for their enthusiasm and dedication to come to camp and serve their younger brothers and sisters each year. 

• Tubing on the river! For three days in a row, we took a different brother and sister dorm offsite to a tubing outfitter. We floated downstream, ending at a park where we enjoyed lunch provided by a lovely couple from the Atlanta congregation.     

• Beautiful weather on Tuesday with cloud cover and a cool, refreshing breeze throughout the day. 

• Many fun sports, deep conversations and challenging activities filled our week and we could not be more grateful to God for the opportunity to have been there, as many campers and staff expressed in the many prayers throughout camp.   

• The dedication of many behind-the-scenes staff members who made camp possible—we appreciate them all so much and every role this year was critical since we were short-staffed due to last minute quarantines before camp began. God filled in the holes and all went smoothly. 

• A beautiful and moving camp hymn, “Seek Ye First,” was sung every evening to end the day. All arms were linked with everyone swaying to the melody. The descant part was beautifully sung by some of the ladies and we were accompanied by guitar.   

• One camper summed up Camp Woodland this way: “It doesn’t just feel genuine here, it is genuine.” What greater compliment could we hope for? 

Many of you, as well as campers and staff, were praying fervently every day for God to protect the camp from any outbreak of illness or injuries and God did absolutely provide that protection. Our God is more powerful than anything we could face and we saw that great power of protection during camp.