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2021 Feast of Tabernacles: Agra, India

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2021 Feast of Tabernacles

Agra, India

I am also among them. Here in Agra, India, seven of us celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles and pictured the Millennium and the Kingdom of God. We celebrated together for the first day, the Eighth Day and the Sabbath between the two Holy Days. The rest of the days, we watched online and heard the messages on the mobile phone.  

On the first day of the Feast, we all assembled at my home and began our meeting at 11 a.m. Edison Messey led the service. We sang three hymns and watched the Feast welcome video and sang one more hymn, then watched the pre-recorded webcast message. Edison and I translated the message from English into Hindi for some people so that everyone could understand the message. On each of the days in which we met for church, we gathered at my home for the services, then meditated, discussed the message and, to make our day more special, shared a delicious meal together.  

We enjoyed looking forward to the Kingdom of God even in the days of this pestilence, and we learned more about His Feast days. All this could happen only because of the generous donations from UCG brethren who helped make our Feast more special.  They did not leave us alone even in these difficult days, they helped us so that we too could celebrate and rejoice at the Feast. 

The Agra brethren and I thank each person who helped and worked hard so that we can all enjoy Feast moments in our place. Thank you—stay blessed and stay safe.