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2021 Feast of Tabernacles: Bolivia and Peru

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2021 Feast of Tabernacles

Bolivia and Peru

The pandemic continues to affect our countries and it is not recommended to celebrate it in person at this time. 

This is the second time that Chile and Mexico celebrated it in this way, but for Bolivia and Peru, it was the first time we celebrated a combined Feast. Thanks to the blessings God poured out on His Church, everything turned out as planned. Members participated from Peru, who usually connect to services online every Sabbath. 

The messages and Bible studies that we received during the Feast were uplifting and very helpful. Several brethren participated in activities from Guatemala, such as a ladies’ activity, youth Bible studies, an activity for the seniors and one for the singles.  

It was nice to see so many young people and children participate in the singing during special music and the offertory music. All those assigned did their part so that the Feast took place in an atmosphere of cordiality, spiritual unity and Christian fellowship. We also viewed the messages from the home office through recorded sermons from president Victor Kubik, as well as from our director for the Latin American areas, Mario Seiglie. 

The online service transmissions were made through Wirecast, Zoom, YouTube and other live platforms. We must highlight the work of the organizers, the excellent technical support of the team and the enthusiasm that the hymn directors showed. 

The children and youth were entertained and attentive through Sabbath school and Bible studies, thanks to the enthusiasm, dynamism and effort of the ladies. In this way, the children and young people continued learning more about the meaning of the Fall Festivals. 

The final balance was totally positive, because in addition to rejoicing, some brethren met in Santa Cruz to enjoy their family activities through meals and walks.  

Because we were not physically together, and it was not possible to take an official Feast photo as we used to do before the pandemic, this time almost everyone sent their photographs from La Paz, Santa Cruz, Lima, El Salvador, Uruguay and Colombia. The photos were put together in a collage as a pleasant and unforgettable memory of this year’s Feast. There was an average attendance of 66 brethren.  

Before concluding this report, we warmly thank the ministers of Chile and Mexico for giving us full support and we thank our God and Father for having allowed us to celebrate His Feasts in an exceptional way. 

Raúl Machicao