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2021 Feast of Tabernacles: Lake Junaluska, North Carolina

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2021 Feast of Tabernacles

Lake Junaluska, North Carolina

Our more than 400 attendees were able to move to a larger, 2,000-seat facility on the Lake Junaluska campus this year and we had a large tent by the lake with outdoor sound and video of services.  

The call at the beginning of the Feast was to “pray boldly” for protection while continually praising and thanking God every day for the ability to meet together. We are happy to report that there were no COVID-19 cases reported by anyone who attended services.  

Family day by the lake was a hit with two inflatable bounce house slides for the kids, volleyball, gaga ball, tennis, putt-putt golf and 12 kayaks for our exclusive use on the lake.  

Our senior citizens enjoyed a wonderful catered buffet with each person receiving a custom designed coffee mug picturing a wolf and a lamb along with a Scripture and the Feast location on each side. We were serenaded during the meal with beautiful live music provided by some of our musically gifted brethren. 

The main Friday night Bible study focused on the beatitudes of Matthew 5 as revealed in the book of Revelation. Jesus Christ reveals seven beatitudes which not only teach us the way of happiness but also point us to the Kingdom of God. The Friday night young adult and teen Bible studies were presented in a way to encourage discussions focused on living God’s way in today’s society.  

The Sabbath Bible study before the main service focused on the faith of Daniel and his friends, with emphasis on the fact that God often manifests His great glory in the midst of the furnace rather than by keeping us out of it. God’s people never have to fear and must always stand against any compromise to God’s way! 

On Saturday night we enjoyed a lively family dance with lots of participation and great fellowship. 

On Sunday morning, 200 brethren drove to Bryson City, North Carolina, for the Smoky Mountain Railroad excursion. We rode in open air cars reserved especially for us with a box lunch provided. The weather was perfect, the scenery spectacular and the fellowship wonderful as always. 

Teens and young adults had plentiful opportunities to gather together with the help of a group chat which was created early in the Feast, allowing spontaneous or self-planned activities to be communicated to the whole group effectively. 

The vision of the magnificent and holy Kingdom of God was crystallized in Lake Junaluska this year!