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2021 Feast of Tabernacles: Mossel Bay, South Africa

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2021 Feast of Tabernacles

Mossel Bay, South Africa

With attendance expected around 130 people this was really good news, and we were able to enjoy a very profitable Feast in person together, without any incidents of infection. Over the last year or so South Africans (not without much complaining!) have grown accustomed to having to wear masks and practice social distancing.  

Nonetheless, about 130 people from across the country and neighboring Lesotho uncomplainingly complied, and it was light-heartedly mentioned that we long for the Kingdom like we long for the day we can be rid of our masks! 

The daily messages, special music, Bible studies, fellowship and planned activities were just what we all needed—an oasis of encouragement, inspiration and hope in an increasingly unhappy world.  

We were particularly blessed to have an abundance of local talent for special music, including an original composition sung in Zulu and some delightful pieces by our youngsters. 

Another highlight was a ladies’ breakfast, where groups of ladies of all ages, young and old, designed spiritual menus, a popular main course being the fruit of the Spirit. 

With almost everyone staying within walking distance of each other and the beach, every day (other than Sabbaths) began with a walk along an inspiringly beautiful stretch of sand, often with whales, dolphins or seals visible just beyond the breakers. 

The weather was just as we needed it every day. A real blessing for our numerous outdoor activities, which included two picnic braais (barbeques) held on a large expanse of lawn overlooking the ocean which allowed for lots of fun for kids. We also enjoyed an evening at an outdoor venue, located at the Mossel Bay harbor, serving traditional South African food prepared on open fires.  

The forecast of rain only came as we headed into the Eighth Day, at the end of a fun outing to a strawberry farm, which also has the biggest permanent hedge maze in the Southern Hemisphere. 

The timing of the Feast this year put us in the most beautiful time of year in the Western Cape—early spring with an explosion of brightly colored wild flowers, fields of saturated yellow canola fields and rolling fields of wheat just starting to turn golden. 

A first for us was the opportunity to webcast our services, and while it’s something we hope to improve on, it was well received by a number of people who were unable to attend this year (one family in particular due to COVID-19). 

This year proved to be another enjoyable, profitable and successful Feast, despite all of this world’s uncertainty and clamor. Thank you to our most gracious Host!