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2021 Feast of Tabernacles: Pewaukee, Wisconsin

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2021 Feast of Tabernacles

Pewaukee, Wisconsin

The weather was very warm most days and presented ample opportunity for many to get outside and explore a very beautiful area of Wisconsin.  

We had the opportunity to hear God’s word expounded upon each day at services. The messages were timely and edifying. We also enjoyed four congregational Bible studies. These included presentations titled, “Economic Principles from the Law of Moses,” “Background to the Book of Isaiah,” “Isaiah 7: Standing Firm in the Faith” and “Understanding Galatians.” The messages were thought provoking and educational. The teens and young adults also gathered to have a study titled, “How is Your Bible Study?” Throughout the Feast we were given ample opportunity to learn about God and His spectacular plan for mankind.  

One of the highlights of the week was family day. After services, a large group went to the water park where we had canoe battles, a water balloon toss, an ice cream social and the opportunity to ride the water slides. Later that evening, we had a wonderful group meal. To finish off the night, we gathered to play a variety of games. Bible Jeopardy was a big hit and even those who were not playing stuck around to watch. Others played chess or just took to opportunity to fellowship.  

After a year without live special music, it was a joy to have a choir once again to present praises to God. While the number of musicians in attendance was lower than previous years, the quality was not diminished. Between the full choir and smaller groups, the music selection was truly inspirational.   

With a wide range of age groups represented, there were several activities organized to provide additional chances to fellowship. This included several catered meals. The fellowship was cited by many as a highlight of their Feast experience. Conversations centered around the magnificent millennial vision that has been revealed to us. 

The one negative that occurred was the introduction of COVID-19 into our congregation. We ended up canceling in-person services and activities on the last two days. Despite this, the brethren were very understanding and did not allow this to take away from an excellent Feast.  

It was truly a blessing to observe and keep the Feast of Tabernacles with our family where our God had placed His name.