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2021 Feast of Tabernacles: Sabaudia, Italy

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2021 Feast of Tabernacles

Sabaudia, Italy

It was a difficult and painful start as we found out just prior to the Feast that the longtime minister of God for more than 40 years, faithful brother in Christ and director of the Feast in Sabaudia, Carmelo Anastasi (along with his wife, Antonella, his daughter, Delia and other immediate family) was not going to be with us because of a life-threatening health crisis Mr. Anastasi was facing. 

We were reminded in the opening message delivered by a longtime, faithful, Italian minister of God and acting director, Angelo Di Vita, of the importance of prayer in growing in our personal relationship with God! We were also reminded of God’s commandment to rejoice at the Feast and that we can do that even in the face of severe trials, because God has given us understanding of His awesome plan of salvation for all of mankind!  

God’s Spirit could be seen working throughout the Feast through His inspired messages that blended sweetly together to edify and strengthen His children. Among these great spiritual blessings, the brethren enjoyed physical blessings of beautiful weather throughout the Feast, enabling the enjoyment of beach activities of volleyball, bocce ball (sometimes referred to as Italian lawn bowling, a game that dates back hundreds of years before Christ in Rome) and a sand castle competition—of which none were turned away and many participated. Another highlight of the Feast in Italy was the talent show, which was enjoyed by all with great participation and enjoyment.  

Most of all, the brethren enjoyed the special physical blessing of God setting a hedge around His people to prevent COVID-19 at this site! This prevention was done despite the fact that we enjoyed three meals a day in close proximity and spent time together in godly fellowship. Many brethren had to be tested after five days of being at the Feast (part of Italy’s mandates for unvaccinated people) and all tests were negative! Brethren from 10 countries attended the Feast, numbering approximately 110 brethren, with approximately 80 Internet connections. There was a baptism at the Feast and the blessing of little children was performed. In God’s spirit of service, two young, talented siblings from the Netherlands named Emma and Rueben Decker stepped up to play hymns for the whole Feast as well as special music. Randy Vild from the U.S. also performed special music. 

We thank and praise our great God for His rich blessings in bringing us through another Feast of Tabernacles and Eighth Day during these troubled times!