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2021 Feast of Tabernacles: The Feast of Tabernacles 2021 Provides a Week of Rest

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2021 Feast of Tabernacles

The Feast of Tabernacles 2021 Provides a Week of Rest

The challenges of the last year and a half have likely cemented that sentiment in the minds of many around the world. The events of recent months have shown us how quickly life can change. 

But for those in God’s Church, death and taxes are not the only certain things.  

This year, the Holy Days again reminded Christians exactly what is certain—Jesus is returning to establish His Kingdom, and no matter what happens right now, there are good things coming. God is in control, and what His Festivals represent is as certain as the sun rising in the east. 

Despite fiery challenges surrounding the Feast (related to COVID-19 for many), thousands of people stopped to worship God and celebrate His promises by observing the Feast of Tabernacles for a week. 

Charles Melear, UCG conference planner and Festival coordinator, provided the following update:  

“Nearly all the Feast sites around the world have reported their attendance numbers for 2021. This year 9,457 attended in person whether at a fully operational Feast site or a satellite site. Of the 55 total sites at least 10 were satellite sites. 

“COVID-19 has significantly impacted both 2020 and 2021 Feasts. However, comparing this year to last year, 532 more people were able to attend live services this year. 

“Also, 462 people registered for the category of ‘Celebrating the Feast at Home/Online.’ It is hard to track actual numbers, but Panama City Beach and Bend/Redmond were the daily official webcast sites. Additional Feast sites provided webcasting so anybody was able to connect to a live service daily.” 

On pages 2-12 of this issue of United News, you can read about many of the Feast sites. Efforts are made to provide updates on the Feast experiences of all those who keep the Feast associated with UCG, but due to the nature of this year there are those who were unable to participate in a larger group or who couldn’t travel to an official, in-person UCG Feast site. God sees the effort and dedication of His people as they worship through trials.  

May we all be renewed by the surety of God’s amazing promises as we enter this next post-Feast season!