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2022 Atlanta Ski Trip Proves A Winter Success

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2022 Atlanta Ski Trip Proves A Winter Success

What do you get when you combine a group of enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders, solid spiritual messages, a lively game night, and fellowship with God’s people? You get the 2022 Atlanta Ski Trip! This year’s ski trip, held Feb. 5–6 near Boone, North Carolina, was our 11th consecutive event offering skiing and snowboarding to those who have a taste for adventure and are willing to bear the cold.

On Sabbath afternoon, we had 55 at services, and there was a game night that evening.

On Sunday morning, we had 60 skiers and snowboarders at the Sugar Mountain Ski Resort in addition to a non-skiing “cheer” team who remained in the lodge, enjoyed extra conversation, and offered words of encouragement to snowboarders and skiers when they came in to warm up. Thankfully, the day featured bright sunshine, and most stayed until 4 p.m. before heading home. Feedback of this year’s event was, as in past years, very favorable with many saying they plan to return next year. If you couldn’t make it to this year’s Atlanta Ski Trip, consider this an invitation to next year’s outing. Even if you choose not to ski or snowboard, the ski trip is a pleasant winter diversion that packs lots of time to connect with others in God’s Church and memories for all.