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A Colorful Description of God’s Plan

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A Colorful Description of God’s Plan

The book is titled Kids’ Book of Bible Feast Days and Their Secrets to the Future by Ramona Wood. The book was recently published through ABC Press and a review was recently written for El Dorado News about the book.

Joan Hershberger who wrote the article for El Darado News described the book with this colorful description, “The Feast days show God’s plan for a large and beautiful kingdom, according to Wood. Bursting with colorful paintings, this book outlines specific ways the family can connect with the Creator. Challenging topics are simplified and embellished with relevant scriptural sidebars.”

Ramona goes through God’s plan step-by-step starting with a quick overview of the lineage of Abraham and the connection to Jesus Christ. She then goes into the holy days and describes each one in a few pages. There are brightly colored graphics and pictures to help show what each holy day is all about. Throughout the book she does a wonderful job of citing scripture to further describe each holy day and its meaning for all mankind. She also shares activities and a recipe for families to share.

Ramona said she saw a need for more children’s books that cover this topic in a way that is visual. “Growing up in the Church, I saw a need for colorful books that ‘paint a bright picture’ for kids—about the days we keep and the future they portray.”

After 30 years of creating children’s material, Ramona decided to take on the challenge of creating a book that would “simplify the advanced concepts for children to relate to and understand.” She said, “I knew it had to be attractive with an up-to-date feel. And I knew it would take a lot of time and energy reworking things until they meshed together smoothly, covering the serious aspects while giving kids an overall sense of hope and joy. [This book] was produced with the goal of getting kids–and adults–excited about our legacy in the holy days.”

These goals are achieved through the book by how harmoniously Wood threads together simple words, colorful artwork, and God’s plan for our future.