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A Gift From Ambassador Bible College to You—Many Classes Available Online

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A Gift From Ambassador Bible College to You—Many Classes Available Online

ABC students have a concentrated, dynamic series of classes that cover the entire Bible and truths of God, in nine months with about seven hours of instruction per day. But suppose that you could get much of the same instruction at home on your own schedule? You can!

Now you too can soak up the benefit and blessing of a systematic study of the Bible that goes book by book, and also fundamental doctrine by doctrine. At home or wherever you access the Internet, you can hear the very same classes, taught by the faculty ministers of the United Church of God.

This is because Ambassador Bible College has recorded and made available online many of the same class sessions that the students attend. Some of these were recorded last year and some recorded in previous years.

The number of class sessions that have been recorded and available now are an astounding 420 sessions, with a total of 360 hours of valuable material—all available free of charge through the website of ABC (

Recordings currently available are the biblical books of the Pentateuch, Minor Prophets, the Gospels, Epistles of Paul, General Epistles and Revelation. Our fundamental doctrines are explored in depth as well as the fundamentals of theology and comparative religion. Other courses will be recorded in the future.

These classes are very easy to access at Under the “Courses” tab on the home page you will find a listing of classes. You can click on a course listing, see if that class has yet been recorded for our listening and if so, click, listen, learn and enjoy. Most sessions are in an easy-to-listen-to length of about 45-50 minutes.

Please take advantage of this fantastic resource, blessing and gift from the Ambassador Bible College. UN