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ABC Appoints New Officers for the 2016 School Year

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ABC Appoints New Officers for the 2016 School Year

Ambassador Bible College has appointed officers for the class of 2016. Eric Fike will serve as class president, closely assisted by secretary Jennifer Browning and treasurer Sydney Bradley. Ronald B. Bell will serve as class monitor, keeping equipment and facilities in their proper order.

Additional leadership positions include the service projects committee, led by Annick Stefanin and Sheila Derr and the social activities committee, jointly led by Rachael Boise and Josef Franke. The ABC Times will be edited and produced by Joel McNair and Lauren Lewis. Karen Suppes will organize the message board, and Lance Wallis will provide the class’s technical support. The class music coordinators will be Joel McNair, Rachael Boise and Amanda Richards.

This year’s class has quickly developed friendships and good working relationships while demonstrating strong leadership potential. The faculty has enjoyed working with them through the start of the academic year and look forward to very good results as the year progresses.