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ABC Continuing Education Classes - Resounding Success!

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ABC Continuing Education Classes - Resounding Success!

Since ABC began, we offered the one-week classes as a sample (we used to call them “samplers”) of ABC. Actual portions of ABC presentations were brought by ABC instructors and administration. This year saw a greater variety than ever before in the presenters. And although we did only four days instead of five because of the proximity to Pentecost, the responses were gracious and appreciative.   

Thirty-seven “students” signed up mainly from the Midwestern part of the United States. Presenters included President Dennis Luker for two hours, Ministerial and Member Services Operation Manager Victor Kubik, Treasurer Aaron Dean and full-time ABC instructors Frank McCrady, Randy Stiver and Gary Antion. The variety of speakers helped keep the attention after wonderful lunches provided by Kathy de Campos.

The presentation of certificates was met with comments like, “It was too short and went by so quickly.” Hugs of appreciation were also given to the presenters. A continuing education certificate for 24 hours was given to most, although a few were not able to do the entire program and received certificates for 18 hours. ABC logo mugs were also given to those who had not received them in the past.  

Many have returned for years, and at least five have come to every one! Mr. Stiver will be looking after Continuing Education for ABC, and he stated that we already have dates for next year’s week-long session from June 4-8, 2012.  Next summer we plan on doing at least two Continuing Education seminars in the local churches as well. These usually last for two days and allow for 10 hours of classes. As an instructor, it was delightful to teach where it was obvious that the students were hungering and thirsting for the Word of God.