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ABC Continuing Education Hosts Nearly 60, Covers Portions of Full Classes

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ABC Continuing Education Hosts Nearly 60, Covers Portions of Full Classes

On Friday, June 14, 57 ABC Continuing Education students received their certificates of completion in the Ambassador Bible Center lecture hall at the home office. They came from across the country to attend the five-day seminar featuring 30 hours of classes taught by seven full-time and adjunct ABC instructors, plus a special two-hour presentation by Church president Victor Kubik called, “Building a Vision for the Church.”

Each instructor delivered lectures taken from his regular ABC courses, the idea being that long term seminar attendees (over half of the number this year) would gradually accumulate a full ambassador education in the Bible. The Gospels instructor Frank McCrady’s classes were “Discipleship as Taught by Christ.” Adjunct instructor Frank Dunkle taught the book of Jude. Darris McNeely gave several lectures from his Acts class. Epistles of Paul instructor Steve Myers covered Colossians during the seminar.

ABC Coordinator Gary Antion lectured Revelation, Habakkuk and “Five Qualities of Leaders” from his practical Christianity class. Finally, continuing education coordinator Randy Stiver taught Bible geography and several hours on “God’s Wisdom vs. the World’s Wisdom” .

ABC secretary Kathy DeCampos and volunteers cooked daily meals.

On the seminar survey students overwhelmingly expressed their appreciation for the in-depth and lively instruction. A number wanted the program expanded to two weeks each summer. The ABC faculty and staff thank you for coming to the home office seminar to continue your education in God’s Word and way of life. For those of you in the Tampa, Florida, area, faculty members will be teaching weekend seminars with a total of ten hours of Bible classes July 12-13, and in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area on July 21-22. Remember: continuing education means keep learning!