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ABC Continuing Education Program Resumes at Home Office for 2021 Session

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ABC Continuing Education Program Resumes at Home Office for 2021 Session

COVID-19 restrictions were still in place, so students wore masks when needed and maintained distancing as appropriate, but that did not dampen their spirits or lessen the pleasure of being able to enjoy this program again. Each day began with breakfast, and included six hours of instruction, with a lunch provided at mid-day. 

Although there were some “first-timers,” many of the students have participated for several years. They traveled from as far away as Florida, and several stayed and celebrated Pentecost with the Cincinnati congregations. Most of them are retired, making a strong contrast with the young adults that normally fill the classroom. It is always sad to see the graduates leave in May, but having old friends come in for continuing education classes brings renewed happiness. 

The purpose of ABC Continuing Education is to allow Church members who are not able to attend the nine-month program to sample some of the academic instruction that has always been the central feature of Ambassador College. However, most participants say that the opportunity to spend more time with old friends—and to make new ones—is also a strong attraction. Some have said that this program is like a summer camp for older Church members. 

Meeting restrictions across the United States have prevented ABC faculty from conducting weekend ABC samplers for local congregations, but they hope to resume that program as soon as practical.