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ABC Fundraiser Announcement: Magnetic Yearly Calendars Available!

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ABC Fundraiser Announcement

Magnetic Yearly Calendars Available!

This 11- by 8.5-inch glossy full-year planner sticks to refrigerator or similar surface. It shows the entire year, marking annual Holy Days, U.S. federal holidays, and the start and end of Daylight Saving Time. You may use dry erase markers on it as well. The cost is $5 each, plus a small charge for postage. When a congregation places a single order, deliverable to one address, shipping is free. A sign-up sheet for congregations can be found on the members website.

The United Church of God supports the operation of ABC for the benefit of the Church at large and the individuals who are able to attend. However, it does not seem appropriate to pay for some of our student activities through tithes and donations provided for doing the Work of the Church. Your support will enable the students to participate in educational field trips as well as in a class trip this spring. That annual trip allows the ABC Chorale to serve a distant congregation, and the students to visit cultural and educational attractions beyond the scope of our normal schedule.

Please mail completed order forms and payment (payable to ABC Student Fund) to: Ambassador Bible College, 555 TechneCenter Dr., Milford, OH 45150. You can also send the order in and send the payment later after delivery. Individual calendars can be mailed to a home address but add $1 to the price for shipping ($6 total). To order one, or if you have questions, please email