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ABC Orientation Begins Ninth Year

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ABC Orientation Begins Ninth Year

The class this year will have 34 students from 18 different states and one international student from Australia. The students range in age from 18 to 67, with 19 men and 15 women.

The orientation weekend included a Sabbath sermon directed toward new students and families. Sunday featured the orientation meeting and information tables, manned by ABC alumni, guiding students through housing, banking, jobs and entertainment opportunities in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area.

Clyde Kilough opened his presentation with an exercise. He had the students close their eyes then asked them to point southeast. When they opened their eyes, they discovered that everyone was pointing in different directions. Mr. Kilough made the point that we don't have an innate sense of direction. In the same way we need a compass, we also need to use the Bible to guide us in developing godly character.

The orientation meeting was followed by a reception for students and family to meet ABC faculty, administration and home office staff. Classes began on Monday, Jan. 7. UN