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ABC Sells Cookbooks for Fundraiser

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ABC Sells Cookbooks for Fundraiser

The concept of providing health-conscious recipes for Unleavened Bread was important because of the growing number of brethren in the Church seeking healthier alternatives, whether because of health issues or simply to be mindful of their health. Here is a cookbook of only unleavened recipes, many of which are sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free or egg-free. These recipes are organized in four categories: Unleavened Bread, Starters and Sides, Main Dishes and Treats. Many recipes have been family favorites for years; others have been handed down through generations; still others are original creations by the authors themselves.

We sincerely hope you get as much joy out of using these recipes as we have had in collecting them. All proceeds go toward our ABC International Students Fund to help international members be able to participate in the ABC program, bringing the knowledge and leadership skills they develop back to their home countries to serve brethren there. We would like to thank those who purchased a cookbook and those who spent many hours working to create this special product.

Additional cookbooks can be purchased by filling out the order form in the back of the cookbook along with the amount of $12 plus $3 shipping. They can also be ordered by emailing us at healthy.cookbook2019@gmail.com.