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ABC Welcome Picnic and Orientation

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ABC Welcome Picnic and Orientation

The camping theme inspired the food and decorations for the 18 incoming students along with faculty, staff and more than a dozen former students from the Cincinnati area. The picnic began with an icebreaker game, followed by hotdogs for lunch. The new students were able to eat together and get to know each other and the alumni in the area, and also to meet their instructors.

Next came a round of team challenge games. Students divided into five groups to take on an obstacle course, paper boat races, timed tent set-up, a teddy-bear sling shot and more.

The next day, things got more serious as the ABC faculty oriented the new students to the policies and procedures of the program. The instructors are eager to work with and get to know this new group of students hailing from all over the country.

ABC plays an important role in God’s Church through the teaching it provides to those who attend. The program helps ensure doctrinal stability within the Church by teaching fundamental beliefs, prophecy, practical Christian living principles and other important material. Its curriculum is built on the understanding of God’s Word that has been taught at Ambassador College for decades. Students become grounded in the fundamental truths of God’s plan and purpose, and they also learn the history of the Church and its doctrines.

Additionally, students build lifelong friendships with each other, as well as relationships with faculty and leaders in the Church. Understanding that the Church has the responsibility to prepare and train future leaders, ABC is one way to provide academic training that will later be needed by those leaders. By immersing students in biblical teaching for nine months, the ABC program is meant to cultivate a future of service and contribution. Graduates often find their notes from ABC a useful source for ideas and research when preparing messages for Sabbath services, articles, enrichment weekends or family Bible studies. The ABC faculty and staff looks forward to another year getting to know the students and helping them build a foundation for a lifetime of growth and service.