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All 2017 Festival Sites Now Online: Some Housing Information Yet to Come

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All 2017 Festival Sites Now Online

Some Housing Information Yet to Come

We are pleased to announce that United Church of God’s Feast of Tabernacles 2017 sites list is now complete for United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Please note, that not all details have been confirmed with some international sites and some of these sites may not be listed yet. As information is confirmed they will be listed on the website. 

Check back soon for housing information for the United States, Canadian and Caribbean sites. Registration will be open on April 12 Those who qualify for early housing reservations will be able to make those reservations starting the same day,  April 12, and housing reservations for everyone else will be available starting April 16.

All members should register for the site they plan to attend—even if they are attending an international site with its own registration process. If you plan to travel internationally, please read the description for the site you plan to attend for instructions on how to register with that site’s coordinator.

Check the website often for more information: .