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Ambassador Bible Center Class of 2013

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Ambassador Bible Center Class of 2013

On Sunday, May 26, the home office hosted graduation exercises for the Ambassador Bible Center class of 2013. It’s sad to see the students go, as they really added to the upbeat spirit here at the home office. Summers get a little quiet here, but it was a joyous occasion seeing 36 students graduate with a certificate in biblical studies.

At the ABC graduation ceremony, student body president Aaron Creech made the following remarks in his student graduation discourse to the class. His words touched many of us, and I invite you to read this excerpt for yourself:

“We all came here looking for something—trying to find answers and meaning in life. We all arrived at different stages in our lives and at different levels, spiritually. Many of us were very young—looking to build our faith. We have learned so much about God and His way of life, and it’s been awesome! I have also learned about people and relationships. Life is all about relationships—our relationship with God, our relationship with our families, and our relationships with our friends. They are what is important in life, and that is what we have built while here at ABC.

“You have imparted the precious words of God to us. You have made the Bible come to life for us, and you have shown us how to live by your teaching and example. We may have arrived here as children, but we are not leaving as children.

“When we go home, some of our friends and family might not recognize us. Not because we look so different—but because we are different, because we act different. It is because we are different on the inside. This experience has begun to change us. We have kicked a lot of our bad habits. We have grown closer to God and His truth.”