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Ambassador Bible College Accepting Applications

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Ambassador Bible College Accepting Applications

Ambassador Bible College will be conducting safe, in-person classes for the fall and spring semester next year. There are still spots open if you are interested in applying. Please go to to find more information about ABC and apply!

The program: This 9-month intensive program dives deep into the Scriptures. Classes include Pentateuch, Major and Minor Prophets, Wisdom Literature, World News and Prophecy (including Daniel and Revelation), the Gospels, Practical Christianity, Epistles of Paul, General Epistles, Public Speaking and more.

The program welcomes students from 18 years in age and up who are mature enough for this intensive program of biblical study. A high school diploma or equivalent is required. The program matches an annual academic year, beginning in late August and ending in May. At the successful completion of the course, students receive a Diploma in Biblical Studies.

Housing options: Several ABC student houses are available at a fair rent rate. These houses are owned by a Church member specifically for the purpose of providing safe and affordable housing to the students. 

Please contact ABC Coordinator Frank Dunkle ( for more information about Ambassador Bible College.