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Ambassador Bible College Begins Its 20th Year

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Ambassador Bible College Begins Its 20th Year

The student body consisting of 32 students from across the U.S., Australia and Ukraine gathered for a late lunch and a number of fun get-acquainted games. A theme of “winter in summer” inspired the decorations and games, reminding everyone that while it was warm and sunny that day, a change of season lies ahead.

This year’s class is unique in several ways. The most prominent is that 11 of the students are siblings of ABC graduates, and a few more are cousins. Also to add to the international flavor, a student from India and another from Malawi plan to join the class for the second semester. 

On Monday, Aug. 27, the students gathered in the ABC classroom for Orientation. The resident faculty explained policies and procedures, while encouraging students to make the most of this special opportunity. UCG President Victor Kubik emphasized that preparation for future service to God and His Church is an important part of the ABC mission. During the afternoon, the new students took a tour of the home office, including the new video studio, enjoyed a desert social with the home office staff, and then met with choir director Ken Shoemaker to begin the process of forming this year’s choir. UN