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Ambassador Bible College Class of 2015

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Ambassador Bible College Class of 2015

Ambassador Bible College class of 2015 graduated on Sunday, May 17. It was a notable event as we celebrated this milestone of concentrated study of the Bible and related subjects. On a personal level, we in the administration and staff of the home office appreciated getting to know the students personally and interacting with them over the past nine months. We will certainly miss them as they head home.

Our teaching this past academic year focused on doing more than just knowing more about the Bible. We reminded our students that the truth taught by the Bible is more than knowledge. It is a way a life that needs to be applied and passed on.

To emphasize this, the mission statement of ABC has been changed recently to be the following:

“The Mission of Ambassador Bible College, sponsored by the United Church of God, an International Association, is to diligently uphold and faithfully teach the truths of God, as found in the Bible, to equip disciples of Jesus Christ for a life of faithfulness and godly service.”

We expect our ABC graduates to serve where and when they can. Please warmly welcome them back into the congregation. Show them due honor and respect for spending nine months of their lives to more deeply study the Word of God. They had many opportunities in which to learn to serve. They were also given opportunities to learn what it takes to lead. They were taught basic speech principles, and some gave good sermonettes. Several of them displayed leadership and service qualities. We hope that you will get to know them better and utilize their strengths within your congregations.

Please look upon these graduates as disciples and potentially future servants in God’s work.

We want to fulfill our vision of being a Church led by God’s Holy Spirit, joined and knit together by what every member supplies, with all doing their share and growing in love to fulfill God’s great purpose for humanity to bring many children to glory.