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Ambassador Bible College Magnetic Yearly Calendar

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Ambassador Bible College Magnetic Yearly Calendar

The ABC Calendar is BACK! This calendar/planner features God’s Holy Days and Feasts for the year 2023. The calendar is a 11 by 8½-inch glossy magnetic calendar that features a blank section on the lower portion for additional information such as reminders and lists. This calendar can be written on with any dry erase marker for your convenience.

This year’s ABC class has already pre-ordered and printed calendars, so they are ready to be distributed for $7 each.

There are multiple ways you can purchase a calendar.

This link is a form that each congregation can print out and have available for members to place their orders. We’d like orders to be forwarded to us by Dec. 6, to allow time for packaging and shipping before the new year. Once the order form is filled out, please mail the form and payment (payable to “ABC Student Fund”) if already collected to:

Ambassador Bible College
555 TechneCenter Dr
Milford, OH 45150

If all payments cannot be collected for the orders by the due date, late payments will be accepted on the behalf of whomever is coordinating the order.

The ABC class will ship to the pastor/congregation contact for member pickup at services.

Individual calendars can be ordered and shipped to a home address. Due to extra processing costs, an additional $1 fee will be incurred, increasing the price to $8/calendar. If you have questions about your order, or to order individual calendars, email

Calendars will also be sold at an ABC fundraising table during Winter Family Weekend along with other items.

Thank you so much for your support of the ABC class of 2023. 

—Josh Vazquez, ABC Student Body President