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Ambassador Bible College Opens Doors to a New Class

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Ambassador Bible College Opens Doors to a New Class

It is the 17th year of the Ambassador program but its first year opening as Ambassador Bible College. The name was changed last year to make it easier to bring international students to attend ABC.

The first event for our 24 new students was the welcome picnic on Aug. 30. Alumni created a “big top” atmosphere with red and white circus decorations. Two of our alumni dressed as clowns to add to the atmosphere. Frank Dunkle—who replaced Gary Antion as ABC coordinator after Mr. Antion’s retirement—welcomed students before the day’s activities entered full swing.

The “people scavenger hunt” gave students a chance to get to know one another and even alumni, faculty and staff. Lunch featured beef hot dogs or chili dogs with all the trimmings, pretzels and lemonade. The traditional circus traditions of popcorn and ice cream completed the course.

After lunch, students and alumni were divided into teams to compete in novelty olympics type games. The friendly competitions built more camaraderie and helped to bind the new students as a group. The day’s events ended with the students pitching in to help set up the lecture hall for the next day’s orientation meetings.

Orientation day provided the usual “high-speed download” of information on how ABC works and what to expect. The students gave close attention as the various faculty members took turns explaining policies and expectations. Although there is new leadership, Ambassador continues operation very much as it has, continuing to serve as a “character-building institution.”

Victor Kubik and Dr. Dunkle both highlighted that the revised mission of ABC is to “diligently uphold and faithfully teach the truths of God, as found in the Bible, to equip disciples of Jesus Christ for a life of faithfulness and godly service.” Throughout the year, students will not only study and increase their understanding but will have opportunities to practice the type of godly service they can continue in the Church for the rest of their lives.

We all look forward to a successful class of 2016.