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An ABC Graduate's Reflection

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An ABC Graduate's Reflection

Not only did I grow spiritually and strengthen my core foundation of faith, I also gained a loving support group, lifelong friends and some of my favorite memories.

The ABC atmosphere is unlike anything I have experienced. It is a unique environment where students have a purpose and desire to learn God’s truth.

From fall to spring, we took an in-depth look at the Bible and examined how God’s plan was laid out from the very beginning. One of the most valuable truths I learned was a deeper understanding of the nature of God.

My favorite class was Former Prophets, taught by Mr. Steve Myers. Former Prophets covers the books of Joshua through Kings, showing the migration of ancient Israel as they entered and conquered the Promised Land. Those books made it clear that with faith and full trust in God, He will bless and protect us from our enemies. Along with biblical knowledge, I have also gained more confidence and determination to defend my faith against the false teaching of society.

My favorite memories from ABC were singing in the chorale and serving God and His people with music. We were all able to come together to blend in harmony through the passion and diligence of every member of that chorale. It was a great way for our class to bond, contributing to some of the most powerful and meaningful friendships I have had.

These relationships encouraged me throughout my spiritual journey because we all grew together with the same desire to serve God and each other. After nine months of time with these people, I am proud to call the class of 2019 my family. Taking off a whole year of school and moving across the country to attend ABC was one of the biggest risks I have taken in life, yet it was one of the best decisions.

I would recommend ABC to all who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of God’s truth, growing in all aspects of life and forming some of the best relationships you will ever have.