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Angels: God’s Messengers and Spirit Army

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Angels: God’s Messengers and Spirit Army

About three years ago, we had an icy and snowy winter here in Cincinnati. As I was driving down the expressway in the right lane I noticed a giant sheet of ice fly off of the SUV driving in front of me. The sheet of ice flew right towards me and almost seemed like it was headed right for my windshield. But in the split second as I drove closer the sheet of ice appeared to shift and fly over my car, hitting the roof of my car with a loud thud.

I looked into my rearview mirror noticing the ice crash into the road right in front of another car driving behind me. As it hit the road it shattered enough not to affect that car at all. I was thankful it did not hit my windshield. That could have been a disaster and could have caused more harm to my car and also possibly to me. I was very shaken up but I was able to drive off the expressway exit get to a safe place to examine my car. There was a giant indentation in the roof, and it was a reminder that I was indeed protected. I do believe God was with me in that moment keeping me safe. He most likely sent an angel to move the flying sheet of ice and directing it away from me and the car behind me, keeping us both from harm.

There is a new booklet the United Church of God has been distributing via the Beyond Today program. The booklet “premiered” along with the BT program called Angels: God’s Messengers and Spirit Army.

This booklet is a topic that many people find fascinating, and many can share stories just like mine. Angels: God’s Messengers and Spirit Army was published in May 2017. The booklet takes a look at the popular belief of angels as being spirits that look like women or babies with wings, as well as the belief that angels are dead loved ones living in heaven. These beliefs are refuted with the truth of how the Bible actually describes angels in appearance.

The booklet also describes the origin of the spirit realm and how Satan was created as an angel. More info covered revolves around an in depth look at different roles angels carry. And lastly, it describes how many angels were created to serve mankind. The booklet also includes stories of possible angelic intervention, like the one I shared above, and reveals how powerful and how dutiful they are to God the Creator.

So far there have been 18,992 copies distributed with a high donation amount in conjunction with the booklet. This booklet has also had the highest request amount in the UK of any booklet. 

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