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Audited Financial Statements 2019-2020

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Audited Financial Statements 2019-2020

Each year in the January issue of the United News the Church publishes its audited financial statements for the most recent fiscal year, which this year ended June 30, 2020. You will find the complete audit report on this and the following pages.

The year 2020 was, to say the least, an unusual and unprecedented year. No one knew in January 2020 what the short-term, let alone long-term effects of this novel “coronavirus” would be. By March, services in the United Church of God were halted for most of the last three months of the fiscal year. Even as we end calendar year 2020, things have not returned to normal, nor is there any end to this pandemic in reasonable sight. 

Given the economic and unemployment condition of the nation, we did wonder back at the beginning of the pandemic what the effect on Church finances would be.

God gave us the answer in dramatic and convincing fashion. Church income did not decrease, but in fact increased, and the fiscal year results are noteworthy, praise-worthy and memorable. 

As you can see in the attached financial statements, Church income exceeded budgeted revenue significantly, ending with more than $20 million in contributions and donations. This is the highest annual income for the Church since fiscal 2010. All of us know that God did this. He has blessed His Church financially in ways beyond our expectations, and all glory and thanks go to Him.  

In the six months since the end of our fiscal year (July through December 2020) income has continued to exceed budget. As I write this on Dec. 31, 2020, it is with gratitude toward God and thanks to the loyal members, coworkers, and other donors who faithfully support His Church with their tithes and offerings that I report that our calendar year income has also exceeded $20 million! 

In the attached audit report, you will find the details of income, expenses, and activities for the past fiscal year. The notes that accompany the financial statements contain much information that you might find interesting. Since there is so much contained therein, I won’t take the time to expound on them further.

As you review the audit report, though, might I ask that you take time to thank God for His blessings, and please always ask Him to direct His Church’s efforts in caring for His flock around the world, and preaching the good news of His coming Kingdom to all the world, in the way that pleases Him as we follow in the way that He leads.   

Of course, if you have any questions or would like further information on anything in the audit report, please feel free to call or email me.