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Bay Area Churches Enjoy a Weekend of Friendship and Recreation

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Bay Area Churches Enjoy a Weekend of Friendship and Recreation

After combined Sabbath services, those present enjoyed a potluck meal featuring a main course of lamb generously donated and prepared by Wallace Gans, who attends the Oakland congregation. There was plenty of time to fellowship and get to know the visitors that afternoon.

After the delicious meal, participants began a bingo party with white elephant gifts as prizes, creating amiable competition. The teens helped run the game by calling out the winning numbers and watching for who was first to shout “Bingo!”

The evening continued with a sock-hop dance. Many obliging party participants revealed their crazy colored socks and danced away to a variety of fun music.

On Sunday the group met up at Fort Cronkite for lunch on the beach. They were blessed with a sunny, clear day and spent the afternoon hiking up to see the old gun batteries and fortifications overlooking the fort, checking out the Marine Mammal Center, and testing out the chilly Pacific Ocean water.

The Bay Area family fun weekend was a nice opportunity to spend time with brethren of the surrounding areas and explore the natural beauty of Northern California.