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Beyond Today Magazine Reader Survey Results

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Beyond Today Magazine Reader Survey Results

We received responses from 851 people and received their feedback on 27 key questions. We are pleased to report the survey results with the following statistics and accompanying charts:

Q1. Please tell us how much you agree with the following statements:
• I appreciate being exposed to new points of view or ways of thinking about things — 91% Strongly Agree or Agree.
• I feel engaged by the content of the magazine — 91% Strongly Agree or Agree.
• The content of the magazine is relevant to our society and the times in which we live — 93% Strongly Agree or Agree.
• I like the format and design of the magazine — 89% Strongly Agree or Agree.
• I like the overall content of the magazine — 92% Strongly Agree or Agree.
• I would like to read more articles written by women — 24% Strongly Agree or Agree, 67% Neutral, 9% Disagree or Strongly Disagree.
• I prefer a small number of longer articles be included in each issue of the magazine — 32% Strongly Agree or Agree, 48% Neutral, 19% Disagree or Strongly Disagree.
• I prefer a wide variety of shorter articles be included in each issue of the magazine — 51% Strongly Agree or Agree, 41% Neutral, 8% Disagree or Strongly Disagree.
• I prefer to see more photographs, charts and graphics to help me understand the content of the magazine — 48% Strongly Agree or Agree, 44% Neutral, 8% Disagree or Strongly Disagree.

Q2. Please tell us which articles interest you the most:
• I am interested in articles on basic Bible teachings (such as heaven, hell, soul, salvation, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, grace, Sabbath, Holy Days, etc.) — 94% Strongly Agree or Agree.
• I am interested in articles on social issues (such as abortion, abuse, addictions, homosexuality, crime, bullying, etc.) — 68% Strongly Agree or Agree, 26% Neutral.
• I am interested in articles on marriage, parenting and family relations — 65% Strongly Agree or Agree, 29% Neutral.
• I am interested in articles on personal finances/budgeting — 47% Strongly Agree or Agree, 41% Neutral.
• I am interested in articles about how to build good relationships with others — 47% Strongly Agree or Agree, 41% Neutral.
• I am interested in articles on how to better live a Christian life — 80% Strongly Agree or Agree, 18% Neutral.
• I am interested in articles on proofs of the Bible (such as archeology, creation, science and the Bible, astronomy, etc.) — 88% Strongly Agree or Agree, 10% Neutral.
• I am interested in articles on Bible prophecy — 95% Strongly Agree or Agree.
• I am interested in articles on world conditions and events — 88% Strongly Agree or Agree.
• I am interested in articles on biblical food laws, health, diet, physical fitness, exercise, etc. — 71% Strongly Agree or Agree, 24% Neutral.

Q3. How much of the magazine do you read?
• 54% say they read all of it.
• 33% most of it.
• 11% some of it.
• 2% little of it.
• 0% none of it.

Q4. Are you:
• 56% of respondents were male.
• 44% of respondents were female. 

Q5. What is your age group?
• 33% who filled out the survey are age 59 or below.
• 67% who filled out the survey are age 60 or above.

All of this will help our writers, editors, designers and other editorial staff focus on how to best serve our readers. We believe the results of this reader survey have been rather positive overall. The level of support and agreement from our readers has been very encouraging. And we know the vast majority of those who filled out the survey were not UCG members.

This also applies in many ways to our Beyond Today television viewers. Each month when we record new material we try to reach our viewers with compelling, helpful and inspiring content. It’s always a learning curve and we pray that God will bless our efforts as we diligently seek His will.

Thank you for your continuing support of our busy team of magazine writers and editors. They are doing a wonderful job in bringing the good news of the Kingdom of God to our world.


We received individual comments from 468 of the survey respondents. Here are just some of the verbatim comments:

• The magazine content is excellent. Keep on the good work! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. WRITERS DO A GREAT JOB.

• I would like to see a permanent Q + A Feature. A beautiful magazine. 

• I have been reading The Good News and now Beyond Today for at least 25 years! I have learned things that have helped me grow in my spiritual walk beyond my expectation, and pray fervently for your continued ministry. God richly bless you all!

• Overall a fantastic Christian publication. Would like to see far more content on Science and the Bible. 

• Sometimes I feel the magazine puts too much of its stories on “the law” e.g. Christmas holidays and observance of Passover etc. Although it is necessary to remind people of this and of maybe the “right” way to be a Christian, it would be nice to see more stories on the love, grace, and forgiveness of Christ. 

• I really look forward to your magazine. It’s the height of my day to read and reread it, and I like to keep each issue. They’re so informative.

• Discovering the truth is the best gift I’ve ever received and I thank God for that awakening and BT and UCG for their pastors. My next step is to keep every Sabbath Holy and progress with increasing in knowledge and this is the way. Thank you all. “Thy Kingdom come.”

• I have developed personally and spiritually since I started reading Beyond Today and thank you for your good work.

• Thank you for your very informative magazine and other booklets. They have deepened my understanding of the Bible and “made sense” of many passages which were previously a mystery to me. 

• I have found this magazine to be a wonderful source of biblical prophecy relating to current world events.

• I am really glad that I found Beyond Today! It has given me back my close relationship with my Creator and my Christ Jesus. I have learned more with all of your publications, booklets and videos. Thank you so much United Church of God. You all teach the true gospel and the coming Kingdom of God. God Bless you all.

• I appreciate the magazine and its content very much! It addresses world issues from a biblical point of view and gives believers valuable insights applicable to daily living.

• I very much enjoy reading this magazine. I have learned much and have gathered strength in helping me to understand more in GOD’s ways and HIS Bible. Thank you.

• Best Christian magazine I’ve ever read. I’ve learned a lot and like the Current Events and Trends section best. Some of your articles are a little too technical or detailed for me.

• I enjoy the magazine but I would like to see more content on how the scriptures address current events, social and moral decline and government failure.

• I feel at home with your Hosts on TV and appreciate that you teach the Truth of the Bible. Many evangelists are deceived as well as most Christians it seems. I feel alone sometimes during the different “holidays” because I leave myself out of the “traditions of men.” They mean well and love God but I also like that you align today with the prophecy of God’s Word. I see panic about the world ending on FB posts but trust God’s Word and what needs to take place first and that brings me comfort. Your programs have added to my faith. Thank you and God Bless you all at Beyond Today!

• I am a Zoroastrian, but find your magazine very interesting.

• One of or perhaps the finest news coverage of any magazine out there and once it arrives I read it without stopping. You are doing us a great service by giving us the truth.

• I love the magazine. I like most the articles on prophecy and how they relate to us today, particularly the books of Daniel and Revelation. Thank you ALL for all your hard work.

• Articles on apologetics would greatly be appreciated and beneficial to readers on how to further defend our faith.

• I was raised without any form of religion. I am learning about Christ/God and the Bible for the first time. I really enjoy reading your newsletters, magazine and booklets. Thank you for helping to open my eyes.

• If an article is too long you sometimes have to set the magazine down to do something, thus losing your train of thought when picking it back up to finish it. Would like to read more on bible prophecy explaining meaning of verses.

• Your history is the best on any subject. However your constant put down of the mainstream Christian Church has gotten very tiresome and you are completely wrong on most of it. You are throwing out a blanket including us as a group of fools who don’t know the Bible. Well! We are going to rule with the Triune God forever!

• I enjoy the magazine as well as BT Daily on YouTube! Thank you for what you do.